Lendas is located about 75 km south of Heraklion . It is a beautiful place, surrounded by splendid beaches, discretely developed, and thus offering relaxation and an escape and separate experiance from everyday life. Each year it attracts many visitors.

 There are plenty of taverns with fresh fish from local fishermen and, very good Cretan dishes, cooked with virgin olive oil and other local products of the region. There are also several cafes for you to visit to enjoy your coffee, quiet bars to enjoy cocktails , internet cafes, souvenir shops wih summer accessories, and mini markets.

Our visitors have the opportunity to enjoy traditional Cretan products like raki, dakos, a local variety of snails called Barbaressous, which are endemic to the vicinity of Lentas and for which people come from various places of Crete and elsewhere for their taste. 

Also, the visitor has the chance to be found next to a sea turtle in the crystalclear waters of Lentas and even see the Libyan Sea dolphins. Climbing and hiking is also very well appreciated in the surrounding wild nature of Asterousia mountains.

As for the beaches, apart from the beach of Lenta , to the west is the beach of diskos (nudist beach) and Gerokampos – Plain. To the east beaches of Tripiti, Petrakis and Trafoulas.

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Historical overwiew

Historically , the settlement of Lentas is built over the ancient city Levin, dating from 2500-1900 BC. Here was the location of the Asclepiustemple. Asclepius was a doctor known as the god of healing. His patients came from very distant areas for treatment as for example Libya and Egypt. In the 4th century the church was known as a center of hydrotherapy, physiotherapy and mental hospital . The settlement was abandoned in the 7th-8th century likely due to pirate raids.

There are two versions of where the name originates Lentas again according to legend.

 The first version says that Lendas got its name from the Phoenician word Lavi, meaning Lion because the villages cape is as a silhouette of a lion.

The second version says that Lendas got its name from the Phoenician word Levina , meaning white, and refers the whitish color of the rocks in the area. 

The current name Lentas , derives from the greek word for Lion, Leontas.