To get to Lentas from the airport or the port of Heraklion, use either of the following ways :

By Taxi : The cost of Heraklion - Lenta is 80 euros / 4 persons, or taxi-van 100 euro / 8 people.

If requested, we can arrange the taxi transport. We then need the following info:

1: Estimated arrival time

2. Flight number

3. Surname

4. Telephone number

By car: Follow the road towards Mires. At Agii Deka continue towards Lentas. The quickest way is through Flathiakes and Apesokari. Please note that there are, for the moment, no rental cars supplier in the close vicinity of Lentas.

By bus: When you arrive at the airport or port of Heraklion, take the bus, or taxi to go to Chanioporta. The distance is about 15 to 20 minutes. There is the bus station going to the villages .

From there take the bus towards Mires and/or Agia Galini. You stop at the village Agii Deka and from there You take the bus to Lentas. Please note that there is connection, only once a day at 14.00 when the bus goes from Agii Deka to Lentas, so this option has to fit Your schedule. The trip is pleasant as you encounter beautiful and characteristic villages through the wild landscape of the mountains and at the end facing the endless blue of the Libyan Sea.

The distance Heraklion- Lenta is 75 kilometers and takes about 1 hour until the Agii Deka bus. From Agii Deka to Lendas it is approximately 1 hour more.